Toastmasters as a Safe Space

Day 84 of #100Daychallenge I’ve been thinking today about my opening presidential speech at the next Toastmasters meeting. I want to talk about safe space. We had guests at a previous meeting and I spoke to them afterwards about the similarity between a Toastmasters meeting and a peer support group for LGBT people. I want […]

Taliesin at Toastmasters

Last night I gave a speech at Toastmasters. I had completed the first set of ten speeches – the Competent Communicator Manual- in September.  I then ordered two new manuals from the advanced series: Speaking to Inform, and Storytelling.  I gave a speech in December from the Speaking to Inform manual (on the Tarot) and […]

What is the Tarot?

“Human memory creates traditions just as cellular memory creates the new leaves on trees and the colour of our eyes. Imagine a tradition of almost eighty pictures, fertile with symbolism, call to you from a world just beyond the everyday – reminding you of who you are, and of who you might become. This is […]