Welcoming the Darkness


At this time of greatest darkness in the northern hemisphere, when the light is getting dim, where do I honour the dark? Do I make time for it? I don’t know if I do. I often need time in darkness, with my eyes closed or with curtains drawn, to rest and reset. But I don’t know if I honour it.

Janelle’s email yesterday left me wondering. I welcome silence and solitude in my life, but that’s because the alternative (noise and crowds) makes me anxious and frazzled. If I’m honest, I’m a little bit afraid of the dark. I love sleeping in a darkened room, but only because I can’t sleep in the light. I have been known to reach into a room and switch on the light before fully opening the door. Because I might see, what? Darkness? Or what might be in the darkness? Danger, ghosts, things to trip over, stairs to fall down. And that’s fine and normal. I can invite the darkness in a little more with dimmed lights, a sense of shorter days, more sleep. My life is reasonably care-free, and I can give myself that luxury.

Here, at the darkest time of the year, before the light has been reborn, Janelle asks me to consider this womb time, this darkness, as a place of gestation. Can I rest here? Can I stop here to be nourished by the world? And in the darkness inside me, inside my skin, inside my inner womb, what is waiting to be born? 2017 is coming and I am excited about the plans and dreams waiting to be born. There are many. A move to the west of Ireland with my partner; dreams of a cottage by the sea; training as a celebrant; a driving license; trips away with my druid community; plans for regularly hosting druid events in the west.

So here, and now, in this still time, while the world around me is busying itself with the noise and frantic pace of “Christmas”, I am slowing down, taking time to do nothing, and welcoming and allowing the darkness to be here with me, in me, just as I am.
This post is Day one of my personal responses to ‘Honouring the Darkness’, a ten day reflective period leading up to the winter solstice. Facilitated by daily emails from Janelle Hardy at http://www.janellehardy.com/hearthome/


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