Solitude and a List

I have had a very sociable few days between work, friends visiting, and spending time with my Mr. 

I spent most of today completely alone in my room. After a good night’s sleep, and whilst drinking a cup of tea, I wrote today’s to do list in my bullet journal. And with this post, I have completed everything on that list. 

I am grateful for my bullet journal, solitude, and tea. 


3 thoughts on “Solitude and a List

  1. Epona13 says:

    Like how you’ve recorded Wednesday the 7ht, the red and detail shading really bring it to like. Was that freehand or stencil?
    How are you finding Bullet Journal?
    I enjoyed the direct interaction it seemed to give to the day; by just writing a list you gave yourself motivation to be pro-active and do it, and ticking it off gave you a sense of progression. However, when I did Bullet Journal, it made me very aware at how limited my daily routine was and there was very little change or memorable variety to its written pages which made me see life as a very bleak existence.

    1. Pól says:

      Hello dear friend, that was using a stencil. I love bullet journalling. I don’t have to write everyday. Sometimes it’s only a list, sometimes it’s a reflective piece of writing, or a record of a memory, or a mix of all of the above.

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