Voices on the Wind


Ceremony can be incredibly simple, in fact, the simpler the better.  All it takes is something to shift our awareness into that state where we know, we feel, that something special is happening.  Sometimes that can mean lots of prayer and a big formal gathering. Other times, the sense of special can happen very quickly.

Today, my friend and I met to take part in the Warrior’s Call global day of ritual action against fracking. There have been several over the last few years. Today was called Voices on the Wind.  She and I agreed last week that we wanted to take part. We both live in East Belfast. The instructions for the ritual called on going to a place that is windy and add your voices to the wind.  We chose to go to a spot on a footpath beside the Lagan river.  The rain this morning was very heavy and I for a moment wondered if we should cancel or change our venue to somewhere dry, possibly involving tea. But I went and I met her walking towards me carrying two big black umbrellas, one for each of us, and wearing her pink wellington boots. We were on. No excuses.

We found a spot near an old red brick chimney (Belfast is an industrial age city). I liked the sense of “up” of adding our voices to the wind just as the chimney would once have carried smoke up into the sky. We sat on a bench and spoke about our love and concern for the earth, and then about the Warrior’s Call and about other pagans and druids and spiritual people in Ireland and Britain and around the world, raising awareness and their activism. We then looked at the image of the Warrior’s Call sigil (above) and how beautiful it is. We had spoken earlier about the beauty of new images, new sigils. We then stood and held hands and sang the chant “Deep Into The Earth”.

Deep into the earth I go, deep into the earth I know
Deep into the I go, deep into tho the earth I know,
Hold my hand sister, hold my hand
Hold my hand brother, hold my hand

Then, with a sense of connection to both earth and our wider communities we committed to speaking to our politicians and friends and family about the issues of fracking and the wider issues of love and care for our planet. We shook hands on it and the stood at the railings alongside the river and shouted three times into the wind adding our sound to the world:



Get involved: 
Find out about the work of The Warrior’s Call and the dangers of fracking at http://www.warriorscall.org/




I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, please share them with me.

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