Bare feet, bare heart

Breakfast table.  Your I love you pierced the armour I hardly knew I wore
though it was heavy and I was tired, wary, opening slowly
I didn’t hug just anyone.
First time we met, I felt elated, high on sparkling water and sparkly eyes
Heart to heart, we sought a deeper hug.

Sacred circle.
Woodland sunshine.
Dream-like in my memory. The day everything changed.
Heart to heart. First kiss.
Take me dancing, I’ll show you magic.

You pierced my armour and I found pieces of me left hidden, lost, broken.
Hand in hand, lead me whole and healthy,
to wild places, high places, naked and free places.
Swear by peace, by love, to stand, to dance.

Kiss me beneath hawthorns, against oaks, on forest floors.
Old tears. Tears of release. Tears of joy.
This dance, bare feet, bare heart.
This dance with you.


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