My Three Favourite Things

I saw you when you arrived. It was a club. I was dancing on the stage, flanked by young lesbians with fantastically wild hair-dos. You were with two women whom you hugged. I wondered if one was your girlfriend. I hoped not. It was your beard that caught my eye first. Well, the man with the beard.
I moved around the room from time to time. I watched you a while. I kept an eye on where you were. You never seemed to notice me. I thought you might be straight. You were dancing with a straight guy. You still didn’t seem to notice me.

I went back to the stage. I like dancing on the stage. I have room to move. I can see the crowd. You walked as if to leave the room. I turned and stared at you as you left. You stopped in the door way and looked back. You looked at me for just a second, and smiled. Gotcha, I thought, as you walked out.

A few minutes later you came back. I was still on the stage. We caught each other’s eye a few times. I smiled broadly, as I danced wildly.

You found your spot on the dance floor, directly ahead of me. Not close enough, but in sight. A few minutes later, a space opened up in front of me. I hopped off the stage. Eye contact. And back to self. I moved forward. You moved closer.

Now you’re standing in front of me. I look you in the eye. I smile. You smile. I move closer.

We’re both dancing. Chests meet. Still dancing.

Foreheads touch. Hips meet. Dancing slowly. My hand is on your hip.
Noses touch. I turn my head and kiss you. You kiss me back and the room disappears. Now, all I see is your beard, your eyes. My hands in your hair, on your body. Turning slowly. Hips moving. Feet still slowly dancing. Hips touching. I pull you close and tight. I take your hands.

We step apart, hands still holding. We both smile and laugh. We do a silly dance.

Closer again and kissing and slowly turning. Dancing closely, the music is pounding techno beats. Every time I open my eyes I’m disoriented. Oh yes, we’re in a club, surrounded by people. And a second later I kiss you again.

A beardy man who can kiss. A sexy man who can dance whilst kissing, kiss whilst dancing. My three favourite things.


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