Let’s Keep Laughing

Day 99 of #100Daychallenge

I’ve enjoyed meeting you. I really have. It was a surprise how a fun and friendly Grindr chat could quickly turn into you drinking tea in my room.

You’re cute. But most importantly, I am myself with you and you make me laugh. And that’s really good for me. I can be quite serious a lot of the time. I don’t mean it to be a downer, I just get lost in thought about things. I sometimes think too much. You’ll notice this. You probably have already.

You kiss well. Very well.

I am enjoying the lightheartedness of this connection. It can’t “go” anywhere. It might be for weeks, maybe months, who knows. For now, it’s just for now. And as long as we’re enjoying each other’s company (and bodies), let’s keep laughing.



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