Do The Work

Day 96 of #100Daychallenge

We all have our blindspots. I have mine. Others can see them. I can’t. I like using The Work by Byron Katie to help me to understand my issues, the times I get upset about something, or I’m angry or disappointed in someone. Doing The Work is no light task for me. I like to fill in a Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet and then pour through it, analysing the beliefs it highlights. It’s often uncomfortable work for me though. I often find beliefs and thoughts that I would prefer not to be true. It reflects everything back to me that I didn’t want to see. I see The Judge in me. I see the sex shame. I see the attention seeking me. All that is there. It’s work to get to it. It takes effort to see past all my projections, to catch a glimpse of reality.
I did a worksheet today. It was very full. It took me several hours of writing in my journal to work through it. Tomorrow, I will hold a small ceremony to honour it and myself, and to move forward from it, to give thanks for the work itself.





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