Camp It

Day 95 of #100Daychallenge

Once upon a time I would have been embarrassed and insulted if I someone thought I was gay upon meeting me. That was my own homophobia. I don’t really give people the chance not to know these days. And with other gay men, I really enjoy the banter of sharing common cultural references. Most of my friends are gay, and I often forget what references, and cultural codes, are gay and what aren’t. It’s only when I’m talking to straight people and I get a blank look that I notice the cultural spheres as separate. And sometimes, I just like to happily camp it up on my own, listening to Conchita Wurst whilst folding laundry. A part of me wants to say that my masculinity is as it is, and my gayness doesn’t make me less manly. However, when I hear other men say that, when they quickly self-identify as non-camp, masculine, or whatever it is that’s gender conforming, I react. There’s nothing wrong with being seen as gay, too gay, not gay enough. Just be yourself. Unless you’re in an place where it’s not safe to be perceived as gay (a lot of the world unfortunately) just be gay. Gay gasp. Check out men. Camp it up. And yes, I know these are all parts of the gay culture we’ve inherited, that they’re not necessarily inherent in all homosexual men, that there’s an otherness that’s learned. There’s all that, and yet, there’s the fun too, don’t forget to enjoy it. Be all the labels, including you.

Here’s what accompanied my laundry today:


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