Forgive, Even Yourself

Day 94 of #100Daychallenge

Sometimes, the hardest thing can be to let go of all the reasons why I’m right and hear the truth in another’s words, especially when those words highlight my own idiocy. I can be an idiot at times. When I’m tired, I can react completely unconsciously, and with venom, anger, and spite. Yes, I can be an idiot at times. I can be jealous, and hurtful, selfish, and cruel. But I can also be gentle, and loving, kind, and compassionate. I hope, over time, I become more of the latter, and less of the former. And until that time, I will be forgiving of the part of me that’s an asshole sometimes.



One thought on “Forgive, Even Yourself

  1. Forgiving yourself…very good. I really enjoyed reading your post on healing and forgiveness. In 2014, every chapter in my non-fiction novel, Faith – Seventy Times Seven, a true and inspiring story of the First Lady of the Louisiana Presbytery, I would go to my wife and ask her how one forgives. I struggled with “forgiveness” to the very last chapter, but finally found forgiveness is necessary for healing. Now, the Paris attacks and I am struggling all over again. Nevertheless, enjoyed your writings on forgiveness and healing. — SEAN E. JACOBS

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