Day 89 of #100Daychallenge
A number of years ago I went on a meditation workshop with some friends. It was for a type of mantra based Ascension meditation. I enjoyed it. The first morning, the tutor told us that what people want in life is peace. I want peace. There have been many times in the last few months where I have been the tortured servant of my thoughts. I have allowed my thinking to escalate my fears and resentment turning my own head into a torture chamber. I want to stop that. 

I want to feel peace. I want to feel curious delight at life unfolding. I want to feel expansive possibility. I want to feel connection. I want to feel love. I want compersion, and joy abundant. 

Perhaps the above is a big ask. Perhaps it isn’t. What I know is that I feel better when I meditate, when I tame my thoughts. For the next week, I’m going to practice ascension meditation three times a day for twenty minutes. It’s a simple practice. It helps my thinking mind, and my body too. And it’s a goal that I can meet. 

My anxiety habit is a habit, and habits can change. It may always be a tendency but I can make it less of one.   



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