I Forgot You Read This

Day 87 of #100Daychallenge   

In a Galway nightclub, a friend tells me that anyone reading my blog definitely gets a good sense of who I am. In a gay bar in Dublin, a friend tells me that he reads me from time to time and he finds the posts open hearted. In a letter sent from Scotland, a friend tells me that simply posting sets her thinking and helps her feel connected to me. 

I forget that people I know read this. Sometimes I wonder what I would say given complete anonymity. Sometimes the challenge is to be vulnerable with the people I know. No, that’s always the challenge. And often, it’s easier to type on my phone and send it to the Internet, than it is to look at a friend and share my thoughts, my joys, and my anxieties. 


Was there something in this post that resonated with you? Please share it. Did you see something I missed? Please let me know. I really value feedback and connections. Start typing below.

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