It’s just Boffo

Day 86 of #100Daychallenge
Have you read Terry Pratchett? If not, you should. If you’re a Druid or a witch, you definitely should. Especially the witches books. Especially the Tiffany Aching books. I’m not finished them. I’m currently re-reading Wintersmith. Pratchett manages to convey great magical wisdom in the funniest and most memorable of ways. 

Last night, three friends and I created a Samhain ceremony. We’re all Pratchett fans, all pagans. As we were setting up the space, and rehearsing, I said we were needed “Boffo”. We all knew what that meant. It doesn’t matter if the candles are from the corner shop, or the ancient words of the rituals were written down last week on Facebook. What matters is that it looks the part. What matters is that it fits the story. What matters is that it’s believable. 

Boffo isn’t authentic, but it is real. 


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