Being Better

Day 85 of #100Daychallenge
Last night, friends and I held our first public pagan ceremony together. It was to honour the time of Samhain and to let go of the past, the summer, and that which we named as no longer needing. It was really important for us that we did something public. We didn’t know who was going to be there. We had to design a ritual that the four of us could hold, whether there was one of fifty attendees. 

Often, eclectic pagan circles are held loosely, with all the roles shared out so that everyone has a small part to play. That works when everyone has some experience and there’s a sense of knowing each other. The most powerful, and tightly held rituals are ones where a small number of people hold it, allowing everyone else to take part.

For ourselves, it was important that we held a public ritual because we had to be better. We had to plan, rehearse, take responsibility, and hold space. We couldn’t gripe about anyone’s behaviour or participation because we were the ones responsible. 

Afterwards, we debriefed over a cup of tea. We talked about what we enjoyed, and what we learned we could do better.
I was reminded of a quote from Isaac Bonewits in Neo-Pagan Rites:

“The gods are watching us, so let’s give them a good show!”



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