Three Years Left

Day 82 of #100Daychallengethree-39116_1280

If I knew I was going to die in three years, how would I live my life differently?

I would:
– Worry less.
– Laugh more.
– Travel to New York and California.
– Dance the 5Rhythms and travel to go on a Cycles workshop and on a God, Sex and the Body week.
– Spend time with all my family members. Lots of time.
– Have lots of really great, loving sex.
– Go on Pilgrimage, perhaps a walking tour of Ireland or Britain
– Write. A lot
– Finish my OBOD studies
– Go on an Irish language immersion course.
– Learn how to sing properly
– Host seasonal, public druidic rituals
– Go to Australia to see my cousins
– Tell everyone I know so that we can arrange time to see each other
– Plan my funeral, in detail
– Say I love you, and mean it, every day
– Get plenty of sleep, and invest in my dreams


Was there something in this post that resonated with you? Please share it. Did you see something I missed? Please let me know. I really value feedback and connections. Start typing below.

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