Wanted: dates

Day 69 of #100Daychallenge

Wanted: Galway based gay man.
Non-smokers only.
Beard and hairy chest a plus but non-essential.
Age: 30+
Must enjoy most of the following: Kissing; His own personal growth; Time outdoors; His body; Reading; My body; Silence; Dancing; Getting naked; Conversation (about things other than sports); Kissing; Irreverent humour.

I’m looking for dates. More precisely I’m looking for a handsome man to kiss in Galway. I’m in a poly long distance relationship. I want something local. I want the warm animal presence of a man in my life. We have no gay bar in Galway. This is a problem. Chats on apps like Grindr are fine but the real taste of attraction is in person. There are so many factors in attractiveness that can’t be communicated in chats: smell; facial expressions; presence; the way he moves through a room. I’m not looking for The One and I’m not looking for Mr Right Now and I like strings attached.

Find me on Scruff. Invite me for coffee (tea). Be yourself. If we connect, we connect. 



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