Day 52 of #100Daychallenge
I have nine ridges in my scalp in straight lines from front to back. I never saw them until I first cut my hair really short at uni. I like to keep my hair short but I was embarrassed by the ridges. I would only cut my hair down to a no. 2 or 3 so they wouldn’t be seen. Also, I’m tall so people rarely see the top of my head. I have very thick hair so I can afford to cut it very short. Some friends noticed the contours in my hair when it was short. One Druid friend started calling me Bobcat when she saw them. She still does on Facebook, and I like it. 
I haven’t paid for a haircut in over a decade. I always cut my own. This summer, after a few weeks away travelling without my hair trimmer, and not being able to cut it, I thought “fuck it” and I gave myself a no. 1. I loved it. I got a lot of comments from people liking the look but also asking how I got “those really cool lines”. Now I happily explain it’s my scalp and move on. There was never anything to feel embarrassed about. And like many parts of my self and my life, I no longer care what most people think of my oddities. Be bold, be yourself, and get on with it.


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