Synchron Now

Day 48 of #100Daychallenge

As I was walking home today, I was chatting with a friend, on Facebook, about his journey with druidry. When I got into the house and there was an envelope waiting for me. I recognised the handwriting. It was from my friend in Scotland. She writes to me every month and I dearly love the letters. My friend on Facebook was saying to me that he wanted to have a ceremony in the sea, immersed in water, but he didn’t know if the time was right.

I opened the letter and this was the front of the card.


Our brains form patterns, look for meaning, and find it. Moments of synchronicity, or ‘synchrons’ as my flatmate calls them, become very normal once you start to live your life looking for connections. I choose to do that. I choose to imbue my world and live with meaning. To me, synchronicities seem to act almost like a nod from the Cosmos saying ‘go here’, ‘say this’, or ‘keep going’. And they always make me smile.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, please share them with me.

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