We Listened to the Surf


Today I feel alone and I don’t know why. Today I feel a little lonely. Today I took loneliness for a walk. We left the house without phone or wallet. Just he and me walking. We walked on the beach. We listened to the surf. We watched a young boy and his grandmother play with their dog. Then we walked home.

Our distant ancestors spread across the world along the shoreline. We are aquatic apes. Our bodies are adapted to being in and near water. Simply hearing the sound of the surf soothes us. Our ancestors would have explored inland slowly and fearfully. Big animals were there. The darkness of the forest was there. In there, the sound of the surf was far away.

Sometimes the tides bring me gifts. Sometimes they take things away. When I see the sea shore, I know where I am. Sometimes I loose sight of my shore. I don’t know where the boundaries of my land lie. Sometimes there are floods and my world is overrun and lost beneath the waters for a time. And sometimes, it feels like the tide has gone too far out and left me alone without the sound of the surf to soothe me.


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