Somebody should really shut me up sometimes.

Day 42 of #100Daychallenge


I had an in-person chat with a friend tonight for a few hours and I dominated almost the entire conversation. I didn’t mean to. The conversation kept flowing back to my favourite topics – my experiences and observations of druidy and 5rhythms. I tried to swing the conversation back onto his experience and observations of life but I would again find a new connection to the point I just made and add that in. I don’t think he was bored. He seemed engaged. I tried to read the feedback. His eyes never glazed over. That’s always a good sign.

Part of me wondered if I was close to the edge of being the person who always dominates the conversation but it was just this one time. We’re all allowed to dominate from time to time. It’s when it becomes the norm that there’s a problem. No, it’s when you become oblivious to the other person and loose the connection, that’s when there’s a problem. The problem is not taking up air time. The problem would be not noticing or caring if the other person is enjoying themselves, not listening to what they have to contribute. I don’t think I did that tonight.


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