Arbor Love

Day 41 of #100Daychallenge


At the bottom of my road is a gate and behind the gate is waste ground. I never had a reason to go over the gate until one day my flatmate told me about an old graveyard she had found. I went exploring. Today I went back to that graveyard. It is long abandonded but there is a well maintained small path that winds around the small hillocks. Most of the headstones have sunk and the area is covered in the the yellow of ragwort. I had it in mind that I might like to do some meditation or prayer. I was feeling a bit disconnected with my life story and I had the story of a friend’s emotionally uncomfortable day on my mind too.
Towards the back of the graveyard, on the far right, is a wizzened hawthorn. Today it was covered in berries. I stopped and spoke with it for a while. It asked me to come closer so we could talk better. I told it some of my story and I shared my prayers with it. It asked me what my passions were, and I told it. I then asked if I could perform a druidic prayer-meditation ritual by its side. It happily agreed. Some of the wording of the ritual involves reverence. I don’t think anyone minds being revered.
Towards the end of the meditation, I sat in a little moment of bliss, at the bottom of the tree. Sitting under a hawthorn requires very careful choosing. Like a deep deep hug, it requires some readjustment to get the heart connection just right, and to avoid being stabbed with a thorn. I listened to the birds and wondered about a friend who could easily have told me which bird species was which by their call. I admired the beauty of the berries. I saw a woman walking towards me from my right. She had a beagle puppy walking ahead of her. I stood up and started to walk away. She left the graveyard by a side gate but the puppy stayed around, following me and playfully barking. I gently shooed him back to his owner.
Now, home again, I feel nourished by the experience, and some berries from the hawthorn adorn my altar, reminding me of the connection.


2 thoughts on “Arbor Love

  1. Vincent in Ireland says:

    Those are fat full bright well nourished berries, seems that old wizzened tree has a lot of life left to share with whom ever takes time to sit a while and share its company. x0x

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