The Light of the Water

Day 38 of #100Daychallenge


Six months ago, I went to a friend’s house one evening after work for a Spring Equinox ceremony. We held it in her back yard. We planted seeds with a message and then consecrated it with glitter! The seed I planted was “kisses”. I wanted a year, a summer of kisses. I’ve had a fair share. Many with someone I love, some randoms. Some of the random ones were good. Many of them weren’t. In the same week, I had a ceremony with my therapist to disavow all energetic contracts I still had with my ex. That was huge for me. I drew a tarot card to help inspire my understanding of what came next: it was Cernunnos (Druidcraft Tarot version of The Devil.) The meaning I took from that at the time was learning to take full ownership and responsibility for my life, and my actions. The secondary meaning was also to own my own “divilment” and let myself get up to a bit of “divilment” without fear of guilt or shame.

Tomorrow is the Autumn Equinox. For the last six months, days have been longer than nights. For the next six, nights will be longer than days. Very soon, the days will start to get short, and the shortening will accelerate. In the modern pagan tradition, the equinox is one of eight significant days in what we call ‘the wheel of the year’. I sometimes wonder how non-pagan people think in terms of time. I love the wheel. I feel oriented in the astronomical year. These days are times to stop and reflect. The theme for the festival is harvest and balance. What was my harvest this year?

This time one year ago, I was at a celebrancy workshop in England. I loved it. I made some good connections there and it also gave me a sense of the rightness of my wanting to pursue ritual and celebrancy. I’ve been gaining experience in that since, hosting full moon rituals in my home and stepping up to hold sacred time and space when called on. Tomorrow, I am meeting with a dear friend and we are holding a small ceremony together to mark the Autumn Equinox. We’re both members of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. For our ceremony, we will each bring four items, one for each cardinal direction. Then speaking about what we have received in each realm, we will then symbolically walk the circle, collecting our harvest from each quarter. So what is my harvest?

In the east, I have found a Freedom
In the south, I have dated Desire
In the west, I have lathered in Love
In the north, I have found home in my Body


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, please share them with me.

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