Should I Become Vegetarian?

Day 29 of #100Daychallenge

Today, I sent a message to several of my friends asking what they would like me to write about. The answers were more challenging and thought provoking than I expected. The most challenging came from K, a woman I’ve known for many years. She asked, why is it that people can get so emotionally involved with animal welfare, but not if it’s animals they’re eating. 

I have resisted vegetarianism for years. I’ve known for a long time that meat production is highly wasteful of the Earth’s resources. I’ve known that low or no meat diets are probably healthier. I’ve know that animals suffer horrendously. So why have I still eaten meat? I was raised eating meat. I love a rare steak. A full Irish breakfast is very tasty to me. Why have I never chosen to take the most ethical decision I can make and choose to stop? Somehow, that decision seems to on the horizon. Part of me thinks I don’t want to be “that guy”, the queer, pagan, non-drinking, caffeine-sensitive, hippy-dippy guy. But that’s my fear and cowardice talking. That’s the boy who didn’t want to stand up or speak up for fear of being an irritant, of being rejected, of being too weak. I’m not that boy anymore. So can I choose to live with a bit more integrity, a bit more self-authority, and a more developed ethical code??

I’m going to inform myself a bit more about nutrition and diet (books!) and I’m going to take one step in the right direction. 


One thought on “Should I Become Vegetarian?

  1. I became vegetarian for some of those reasons several years ago. In fact, I did a couple years before that, but gained 15 pounds in 6 months (fries and onion ring plates, etc.), but a hit more balanced now. I must say I no longer miss meat. In fact, I am starting to become uncomfortable around it. I do not mention this to friends or colleagues, as I am doing thus for my own reasons and do not want to become preachy….

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