Self-care Checklist

Day 25 of #100Daychallenge  
I’m in my head a lot and I often don’t know how to properly identify my body’s needs. Today, as I got on a bus, I told a friend of mine that I felt nauseous. I wondered if it was nerves or even car sickness from the car journey into town. It was only on the bus as I found it hard to stay awake that I realised: I’m exhausted. How did I not know? I’ve had the same experience before, months ago, getting on the same bus journey.

From years of working in hospitality, I often don’t know if I’m hungry or not. I feel mild anxiety and a quick mental check helps me to identify the feeling as hunger.
So, self care checklist for the future:

  • Have I drunk enough water?
  • Am I hungry?
  • Do I need to sleep?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, please share them with me.

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