Reclaiming Ceremony

Day 22 of #100Daychallenge

Pagan spirituality, for me, is largely about reclaiming my own spiritual authority. From my Druid practice and study, I have learned the power and value of creating personal ritual to mark moments of transition in my life. Within sacred space, and witnessed by tribe , world, and divine, I make my ceremony. 

Everyone has been to the common societal ceremonies of baby namings, coming of age, marriage, and funerals. But personal ceremonies are for all sorts of reasons. When a relationship ended last year, I had ceremony with friends to commit myself to a fuller life of health and personal happiness. Yesterday, I had a ceremony with a friend, honouring our relationship. 

This summer, I finished a job and I had a ceremony with my close friends to mark that ending. I had my friend cut my work uniform off of me. I then went into the sea. When I came out, I dressed entirely in new clothes. I told a pagan woman about it last week. She was delighted with the format, telling me that I had reclaimed babtism. And claiming personal spiritual authority, honouring life and relationship, is what real ceremony and living ritual is all about for me. 


2 thoughts on “Reclaiming Ceremony

  1. This is a wonderful and simple ritual, and being in the process of transitioning my work as well, I really like its visualization and power. In many ways, this does not have to be a pagan spiritual practice at all; many traditions have elements of the off with the old, cleansing, and on with the new.

    Never seen it done like this, and quite powerful.

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