With Nothing To Say

Day 20 of #100Daychallenge  
I am tired and I am resisting. I’m writing this in bed, wishing I could write something interesting, anything. Somewhere in my brain is a funny story, or a clever gem of wisdom extracted from a piece of my life experience. Not tonight. Tonight I am tired and I want this task to go away. So I am tapping away at the keys of my phone…

In Toastmasters we speak in Tabletopics with the intention of speaking for 2 minutes on a given topic, without freezing, without drying up. That two minutes can be an eternity when I have nothing to say. But we keep talking; we use the time. We learn so much in that commitment. 


One thought on “With Nothing To Say

  1. Epona13 says:

    The table Topic of Toast Masters reminds me of a radio show game called “Just a Minute”, I remember coming across this game at school – never heard of it before and don’t know what radio channel it was part of either – and we would play it in class to help our speaking skills. It was just fun, but fun and play with both the laughter, scratches and bruises is how we learn and often remember the better of too.

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