Should I join?

Day 17 of #100Daychallenge

This morning, I attended a Quaker meeting in Galway. It’s a small community. I enjoyed it, I will go again, but I have a question.

Should I join?

The Religious Society of Friends is a Christian tradition and I don’t identify as Christian. I enjoy a lot of Christian theology and practice but I identify as Pagan, primarily. I know it’s okay for me to attend without joining, without being completely part of it, but that’s not how I usually am.  I often like to dive in, join, sign up, serve the group.  Perhaps this can be a space that I go to just go.

There’s a self judgement here: do I deserve to be here if I’m not a signed up member. So much ‘Should”. And behind that, is the sense of possible guilt if I don’t.   One woman named that today when the main part of the meeting ended. We had a go around and I said I hadn’t been to the meeting for most of the year. She said the wonderful thing about Friends (Quakers) is the lack of judgement of others. You won’t be wrapped on the knuckles, she said, for not turning up for a while. I don’t need to decide on this. I can go when it suits my life, I certainly benefit from it, so I will continue and see where the path leads.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, please share them with me.

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