Full Moon Ceremonies


Day 16 of #100Daychallenge

Today is a full moon. For the last ten months I have been holding full moon ceremonies in my house. I host them on the evening of the full moon, or closest to it, depending on my schedule. The format is usually very simple, and usually co-ordinated by me. Friends arrive. I create an altar space either indoors or out in the garden. I divvy up the roles for the ceremony. Usually, I will have decided in advance on a simply ceremony for the middle of the rite. I either try to link it with the time of year or with the astrological phase of the full moon. This month’s full moon is in Pisces. My link here was, as the fish, what is the sea we are swimming in, what is our world right now?

Today, our ceremony was held indoors. The weather was cold and changeable and I wanted for us to be able to site indoors. I set up an altar on my kitchen table. I invited my friends to stand around it. Tonight, there was only five of us. It’s usually twice or three times that number. August is a busy month for people. We cast the circle, chanted, honoured Spirit and the four directions. For the central part of the ritual, I led us in a simple chant I learned at Druid Camp this year from JJ Middleway.

Tall trees, warm fires,
Strong winds, deep waters,
I feel it in my body and
I feed it to the Source.

After that, we shared something that was happening in our lives right now. We were all friends tonight so the sharing was deep and vulnerable. We finished by closing the circle, then eating food and cake, drinking tea, and talking and talking.

It can be draining but this sort of evening is also deeply connecting and nourishing. This is the sort of world I swim in.


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