Conversation Flows

Day 14 of #100DayChallenge


We’re always in conversation. I am, anyway. 

Most of my conversations with other human people happen with my index finger tapping away at my phone on Facebook messenger or other app. My in person conversations happen over cups of tea. Sometimes there are brief chats with God or the gods or a particular tree. But my number one conversation is with myself as I walk or journal. I write morning pages most mornings. Most evenings I keep a journal in Day One on my phone. 

I think of life as an ongoing conversation where new topics pop in and out but the underlying current changes slowly. I obsess about one topic until I exhaust it. A few years ago it was introversion. Last summer it was polyamory. This week it’s decluttering. I read books and articles about a topic. I listen to the authors. I talk to myself about it and then to friend after friend. Each time, each conversation, my understanding shifts and grows until eventually the conversation of my life turns a bend and a new fascination emerges. 


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, please share them with me.

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