With Age

  Day 12 of #100DayChallenge

Tonight I met a friend for a drink. We’re both in the second half of our 30s. At one point in the conversation I asked him how he felt about ageing, about “the big four oh”. He said he was enjoying ageing and that it was really the 50s becoming 60s that he imagined he would struggle with. 

What do I think about age? Not ageing or getting old, but age difference. I thought about how most of my friends are between 30 and 60 years old. Working in hospitality in recent years I have often been the oldest in the work social circle. Since leaving secondary (high) school, my friends outside work have usually been older than me. 

Once upon a time I would have felt awkward and embarrassed by my youth and inexperience. Somehow, with the years, that has started to slip away, and I very quickly forget about age differences. I meet as an adult human being one to another. I wonder at what age that happened. 

I joke with my friends older than me about my youth. When you left school, I wasn’t even born. No, I don’t remember that, I was 6 when it happened. 

I value my friends’ experience, and my own, and in talking with my friend tonight, I realised I think about age as I do about travel. Some people have travelled longer than me. They’ve been to decades that I can never visit.  


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