Weekend Gaeltacht


Day 8 of #100Daychallenge
As I write this (on my phone), I am sitting on a Bus Éireann bus from Galway to Carraroe. I’m going for the weekend with friends, one of whom is from near there. It will be my first time spending time in the Connemara Gaeltacht. I don’t speak much Irish, and what I do know is from Standardised Irish. I doubt I’ll be able to pick up much in any Irish language conversation. I’ve already asked my friend all sorts of foolish and inappropriate questions. Do they speak English? Are there bank machines? Have the people there met gay people before? Will my being from Co. Cork be an issue for them? Most importantly, is there phone reception?
I’m looking forward to this. I’ve wanted to visit the region for a long time. The first time makes subsequent times easier. And I might just pick up and use my cúpla focail while I’m there.   


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, please share them with me.

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