Secretly Loving Strangers

Day 6 of #100DayChallenge
Last year I went to see Lorna Byrne give a talk in Galway. I really enjoyed it. I enjoy her books. She writes about her experience of life as a person who sees and hears angels. She’s from a Roman Catholic background and she experiences the world through that lense. For myself, I can translate and relate.

At one point during the talk, the man who was chairing the conversation with her, asked what she meant by unconditional love. Her reply was to say you could look at a stranger and say “I love you” and mean it. What followed was a poorly executed atttempt to get everyone in the hall to say ‘I love you’ to the person beside them. I enjoyed it as I was sitting next to a friend.

You don’t need that environment to try this out. I wrote to a friend this week saying a fun game is silently telling strangers that you love them and having them say the same thing back. Love with zero commitment. Why don’t you try it? Tomorrow, think “I love you” at someone. Hear them say it back in their heads. Watch the smile that emerges in you.

I love younbd2-page-001


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