Letter to myself before my travels 

  Day 5 of #100DayChallenge

Dear Pól,

Before you head away on your travels, I’d like to send you a message from the future. Meet the wisdom of the end before the journey begins. 

Pack an extra pair of long trousers. Pack fewer shirts 

Get a new battery for your phone. You’re going to be using your phone for everything in the coming weeks. You need it to find your way about, and to schedule transport, and to buy tickets for trains and planes, as well as all the usual stuff. You’re going to spend a significant amount of time looking for power points in cafes and trains. Do both of us a favour: get a better battery now. 

You don’t need those magical toys. It might seem like a good idea, essential even, to pack tarot cards and all the ritual tools. You won’t use them. Leave them at home. 

When you’re away, never leave a bag in a car in view. Bad people like to steal things. 

Be happy knowing that curiosity satisfied is reason enough. You’ll know what that means.


Enjoy scheduling but only one or two things per day. Leave space for idleness and silliness. 

Notice what you enjoy. Notice what you don’t. Do more of the first one, no matter what you think others might think of you one day. 

Go n’eirí an bother leat. X


One thought on “Letter to myself before my travels 

  1. All words to the wise. While I travel with a single bag, I always refer to (and regularly update) my packing list. It helps me realize that the “Cool, I’ll use this!” meets the reality of “I only carry what fits in the backpack, regardless of how cool that seems.”
    I do like that leaving time for the exciting things that we experience along the way. Hard for magic to happen when we book our time 100%.

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