The Warmth of Harvest

Day 4 of #100Daychallenge

At this time of year, the fields are full of golden wheat and barley. Just before I took this photo, I saw berries on hawthorn, the first small wild apples on the crab apple, and ash trees laden with keys. The summer is coming to an end and the world is fruiting and ripening. 

My life has its riches and fruits. Through my paganism and my druidry, I have a wonderful tribe scattered across these islands. From my travels, I have friends in every place I’ve lived. I have a family I love and feel a part of. And in my own being I see the fruit of the personal work I have done over the years. 
“What you reap is what you sow”. 
This is the time of fruiting, the time of riches, the time of harvest. It is also the time of reckoning. The evenings are getting shorter. The Winter is approaching. Did I sow well? Did I choose well? My choices and the fates have led me here, to this moment. What will the future hold? What will future harvests be?

All of this. All these questions. And yet, for now, there is only now and the warmth of Summer. I indulge and bask in the warmth and love of tribe. Making connections and deepening into the harvest. 


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, please share them with me.

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