A Hundred Days?

Day Three of #100DayChallenge
I have committed myself to a one hundred day challenge. I did this via my tribe using Facebook as a tool. Several of my friends have taken part in 100 Day challenges before and they’ve really enjoyed it. 
I used to write a lot. I want to write a lot. The more I write, the more I have to say, and hopefully, the better I become at saying it. In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron writes about how the secret to creative output is high volume. Not all of it will be good, but some of it will be great. 
My challenge to myself is to write a blog post here on Thinking Barefoot for 100 Days. Each post must be at least 100 words long and it must include a picture. The picture above is my view whilst writing this post on my phone. Unsurprisingly, I’m on a train, again. 

To help me, and my friends who said they’d also like to do their own 100 day challenge. I have created a closed Facebook group for those of my friends and I who are taking part. I’ve committed to also posting on that group everyday to remind us all to take part. Without that sort of accountability, I don’t think I’s succeed. With it, I have a chance. 

I’m worried though. I’m worried that I’ll loose interest. I’m also worried that in time I might start to overshare, disclose someone else’s secrets. I’m also hopeful and a bit excited too. I might, just might, create something beautiful. 


3 thoughts on “A Hundred Days?

    1. Pól says:

      Hi Jeffrey, the reminders are to my friends. I enjoy that. The posts are simply that posts are better with a pic. I normally do them from a phone and it’s easy to add. It feels like a simple discipline.

      1. So the main focus is to write, and see how that as a regular practice improves your approach to it. Kudos to you; I have l tried though not been the most successful outside Twitter . . .

        Looking forward to reading your successes!

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