Day Two of #100DayChallenge


I love being barefoot. I can’t say that enough times. If I could live without shoes, I would. 

I attended a Druid camp in England last month. One of my happy thoughts in advance was that I was going to be able to be barefoot, on the ground, for four days. I wore shoes briefly one evening but for the rest, I could happily be bare. 

I dance a lot of 5Rhythms and I sometimes wear dance shoes for that because I have come away from the dance with blisters. However, being barefoot in that space is heavenly. 

For me, the simplest and most pleasurable meditation is to go to s meadow, take my shoes off and focus on the pleasure in the sensations in my feet. Try it out.  Become present to your feet and to the world they connect you to.  


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, please share them with me.

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