(Poem) I am not a Christian

This poem Is by fellow OBOD member JJ Middleway and is reproduced with his permission. 


I am not a Christian… yet Christ is all around,

I am not a Buddhist… yet Buddha is my ground,

I am not a Muslim… yet Allah’s here in all I see,

I am not a Hindu… yet Krishna speaks to me,

I am not an Atheist… yet nothingness counts too, 

I walk the path of Yahweh… although I’m not a Jew,

NONE of these and ALL of these… all of these and MORE,

If one excludes the others… Love’s truths go out the door,

Come build a mighty rainbow, embracing all beliefs and creeds,

Form something even greater than our wildest dreams exceed,

Dream this mighty rainbow… encircling the earth

Sacrifice our dogma… celebrate rebirth


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