Happy Pride!


I’m writing this sitting on a train heading from Galway to Dublin. Today is LGBTQ Pride in the city. As our capital, it’s almost our national pride event. This year is a biggie. This year Ireland became the first country in the world to extend marriage rights to same sex couples by popular vote. And because it was an amendment to our constitution, that right cannot be taken away without a further referendum. Yesterday, the Supreme Court in the United States extended the right to marry across all fifty states of the Union. Today is also London Pride.

And while all that is there, and happening, and wonderful, it’s not why I’m going to Dublin. I’m going to celebrate a tribe of colour and vibrancy. I’m going with friends, straight, gay, bi and trans. All of them are wonderful people: shy introverts, artists, pagans, witches, burlesque dancers and writers. I choose my tribe. They choose me. We are Family in the broadest sense.

Pride is an antidote to shame and isolation. LGBT people will always be a minority, but we will never be alone. We have each each other. We have our tribes.

This morning, on my way to town to catch the train, I was listening to Amanda Palmer’s song ‘In My Mind’. The final refrain says so much. And it speaks very much to what Pride is for me.

“Fuck yes! I am exactly the person that I want to be”

To my friends around the world, to everyone in Dublin, London, and the USA, Happy Pride Everyone!


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