How Do I Journal?

A friend wrote to me this week asking about my journaling practice.
I record and process my inner life in several places.

Day One app on my phone and MacBook
I love this little app. I’ve been using it for a few years now. I particularly love that I can store small little snippets of what I’m up to. I also use it for longer pieces of writing. I use it for recording all sorts including tarot readings for myself. I like to add a photo of the reading.
Emails to Close Friends
I have a couple of very close friends that I process my life with. I’m very blessed by their love. We message a lot and I consider that conversation part of my journalling. I regularly read back through Facebook messages or emails. Some of the messages I will write first in Day One and forward from there. Sometimes I take a screenshot of a poignant or heart warming text exchange and keep a put it in Day One.
Blank A5 Notebook
I’ve been carrying these around for years. I generally use them for mindmapping plans, thoughts, ideas, musings.
Druidry Journal
I’m not so good at this one. At least, not so far. I’ve been a member of OBOD for almost fifteen years. Part of that spiritual journey is keeping a journal to record prayers, observations, details of ceremonies, and pieces of the Order’s coursework. I recently bought a new journal to record my Druid grade progress. I haven’t put anything in it yet but I will. Soon.
Morning Pages
Apart from the odd gap or times when I’ve been travelling, I’ve written morning pages for the last 3 or so years. It really helps me. It feels like my total introvert space. I am writing just to fill the page. There is no pressure about quality or readability.
Dream Journal
At various points in my life I have been more or less dedicated in the recording of my dreams. I haven’t recorded much in the last few years. I’m sure that over the coming years there will be times when I dive deep into dream, and times where I pay the dreamworld very little mind.
Writing in journals is very important and valuable to me. They are spaces to process, places to say the unsayable, and places to record a life lived.

What about you? What are your journalling needs and practices?


Was there something in this post that resonated with you? Please share it. Did you see something I missed? Please let me know. I really value feedback and connections. Start typing below.

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