My Gay Homework

I am currently reading a couple of books. One of them is ‘How to be Gay’ by David Halperin.

The book is about the creation and transmission of gay male culture.  It’s a topic that I’ve wanted to know more about for Imagesome time.  I’m not far into the book, yet, but I am enjoying the way Halperin describes the ways in which mainstream cultural images become gay icons. Halperin is looking to describe a particular sort of gay sensibility where tragedy becomes comedy.

The majority of the book seems to be devoted to discussing Joan Crawford in Mildred Pierce.  I’ve never seen the movie but as I write this, Mildred Pierce is being converted to .mp4 to play on my iPhone. I’m about to do my gay homework.


Read more about How to Be Gay


4 thoughts on “My Gay Homework

  1. I’d like to read a book about how it is to be straight. I guess when you’re looking for yourself, you need labels. Only you can write a book on how it is to be you.

    1. Happy Bare, the book isn’t about what it feels like to be gay. Or what it feels like to be me or you. It’s about the creation and transmission of gay male culture in the West in the twentieth century.

  2. Vincent in Ireland says:

    I don’t get it…. or appreciate why gay men of today would/do relate to the Joan Crawford’s of yesteryear or other female artistes and make them gay icons. I think we appreciate strong female characters as much as we do those of men, or we view them differently in that the male ones become objects of desire and the female ones represent a similar between a rock and a hard place mentality gay men feel they are in too….okay now I seem to be building the case for why we did and should idolize them lol…..

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