Power Spots and Prayer

I don’t know a lot about power spots but I do know that some places on this Earth feel special and more alive than others. Or perhaps it’s that I feel more alive in those places. One of those places is the grotto in Ballinspittle, South of Kinsale in County Cork. In the 1980s in Ireland, in the depths of economic depression, there was a craze of moving statues. The most famous of these was the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Ballinspittle. Image

Two years ago I realised my mother and I shared a compatible spiritual outlook. We were nearby and she suggested visiting the grotto on the way back to the flat. She said, regardless of what one thinks of the moving statue craze, the fact that thousands of people have been praying at this one place had changed it. She’s right: there’s a wonderful sense of the sacred there. It doesn’t matter what flavour of spiritual practice (including none) you adhere to. It’s a special place.

I wonder what other special places there are in the world, created by prayer. Have you been to one?



Newspaper Article: Ballinspittle Statue is Still on the Move



4 thoughts on “Power Spots and Prayer

  1. Vincent in Ireland says:

    I used to go wild berry and hazel nut picking with my grandparents in the hills around B’mena. We would always visit the old ‘mass rock’ with its carved hollow where the water gathered… the Holy Water, blessed rainwater I suppose that the priest would use. As a child it had a profound effect on me imagining the people that we driven to meet out doors in this quite guarded spot around and on this rock out crop to celebrate their faith when it was illegal to do so in churches etc.

    1. The mass rocks are powerful places Vincent. So much collective memory. So many stories. I heard a great speech in Toastmasters talking about the history associated with two mass rocks in Galway. I’d like to visit them.

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