Last night I met with Pagan friends to celebrate Beltane. Beltane is the final festival of Spring and the gateway to Summer. As the central part of our ritual, each of us walked between two fires, symbolically moving from one half of the year to another. Moving through the fires, I asked for blessing on my future and also a purification – that the difficulties of my past be burned away.

I love ritual and I love this time of year. The land is coming to life all around and it is exciting.

A friend in Cork used to tell me on our way to Beltane rituals that he always knows Beltane is here when he sees the candle-like flowers on the horse chestnut trees. For me, it’s the sight of the first leaves on the ash. I know it’s summer time when the swallow returns to Ireland. I know it’s summer when I’m waking up earlier and earlier each day. I wake up at first light even when the blackout blinds are drawn in my bedroom.

I am excited for what this summer may bring. I have several druid events planned already. There will be an OBOD gathering in June. An Irish druid gathering in August and a week long workshop on celebrancy in September.

As you read this, I wish you a joyous and magnificent Summer.



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