Everyone Else is Doing it WRONG

There are things that annoy me that shouldn’t. This is one of them and it’s ever so slightly OCD of me. I visit the Kitchen cafe in Galway most weeks. It’s located inside the City Museum. As cafes go, I love it. My problem is not with the cafe. It’s with every person that opens the door WRONG. And from my experience, that’s everybody who goes there. Except for me of course.

You see, it’s a fire door with an overlap. I don’t know doors. I don’t know what that’s really called. What it does mean is if you open the wrong side, the door doesn’t close properly.

That really really bothers me, so I make a point of fixing it and TUT-TUTing at all of the bad door users

Every time.


What bothers you?

What are examples of other people doing it WRONG?


7 thoughts on “Everyone Else is Doing it WRONG

  1. I hear ya, I have a pet peeve about doors too. If there are double doors, in my mind the right door is for entering, the left is for exiting. I hate it when I’m exiting through the left door and someone decides they are going to enter through at the same time. To me it’s so rude and lazy.

      1. I do read Terry Pratchett Pol, do you mean there are people who don’t? I have Masquerade on the book shelf where it’s been overlooked since I got a kindle. Better go and find it 🙂

  2. Charl says:

    Being practical – the doors should be on self-closers. They need to adjust them slightly that the one without the draught excluder closes faster than the one with. That way they should (hopefully) close correctly 🙂
    Though I agree with you that it is annoying if they close that way.

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