A Riverside Walk in New Mills, Derbyshire

One of my commitments to myself for 2014 is that I will post a lot more on this site.  To begin with, I’m going to share a few pictures I took today.  As I write this, I’m in a town called New Mills, Derbyshire which is in the Peak District of England.  It really is very beautiful. I’ve been here many times before. I have family (in-laws) here.

Today I awoke feeling foggy. That sort of dehydrated/maybecomingdownwithsomething foggy head feeling. I was irritable and I needed air and solitude. I went for a walk.

New Mills is great for walks.

I headed down to the Torres Gorges for a stroll along the river.


Being beside running water always helps to clear my mind.


For some reason, I really like signposts. I often take pictures of them. There’s something wonderfully paradoxical about them.  Signposts are no where. They point elsewhere and yet by triangulating their location in space in relation to everywhere else, nowhere says “Here. X marks the spot” quite like a signpost.

These viaducts were built in the late nineteenth century for the train lines. The rivers Sett and Goyt meet here in the Torrs Gorges.




Further on, I left the river Goyt and met the Sett.  I crossed a small bridge and took sometime to talk out loud the ‘meh’ feeling I had. I did some chanting and just as I did three mallards appeared from under the bridge and floated on downstream.  It felt like a moment.  Shortly after, two grey squirrels ran down towards the river, chased by a couple of playful white dogs.  Their accompanying humans were soon on the scene too.  I left the river and headed up that hill and at the top, there was more water, this time as a canal.



There’s the viaduct again but form a little further on. Check out that sky!


It always fascinates me to see people living on house boats.  I have friends who live on them in England. Great to visit. I’m not sure I could ever live that way.


I love time on my own in coffee shops. Ideally somewhere I can watch people go by outside, and see the sun and the trees. This spot is perfect. It’s the upstairs room of Pulse cafe in New Mills. I’d never been here before but I’ll be back. I spent several hours there with my kindle and my moleskin, reading and thinking on paper.

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4 thoughts on “A Riverside Walk in New Mills, Derbyshire

  1. When I attended New Mills Grammar School 1955-59 the rivers Goyt & Sett were heavily polluted by all the mills further upstream. Some days the chlorine fumes could be seen rising from the river and you could definitely smell them! Thank goodness it’s been cleaned up

    1. Thank you for that memory Bruce. My father in law told me that when he used to go swimming in the rivers as a child, the water was usually dyed from the vegetable dyes used in the mills.

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