Readability and Kindle

I love my Kindle.  I love reading on my Kindle.

I also regularly find information online that I want to read. But you know how it is online. It’s hard to stay focused on one task never mind reading a full article online.  Here’s where sites like Readability come in.To use the site, go to and Register.

Once you’re signed up, go to your Kindle page on Amazon. Take note of your send-to-kindle email address.


Now go back to your Readability account. Navigate to your Kindle settings.


Enter your Kindle email address and select the time you want your digest to be sent to you. I have mine set for 9pm.

Finally, navigate to your Account Settings on Readability and make sure you have archive articles automatically ticked.



I mostly use Safari as my web browser. I have installed the Readability extension but the only button I have on my toolbar is Read Later.



You can download the extension for your browser at

Enjoy reading.


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