Add-ons and Changes to Morning Routines




I have a simple morning routine that I add to.

Currently, I get up later than I had planned. (I have ambitions for sleeping early and rising early.  Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it doesn’t.)

I brush my teeth and brush my hair (not with the same brush). While doing that I read the Basic Principles from The Artist’s Way. I have written them out and posted them beside the bathroom mirror.

I then go to the kitchen and put the kettle on. I drink half a pint of cold water. I make a cup of tea for myself and a cup of coffee for my partner to be delivered to his bedside.

I then sit down to write my Morning Pages. These are three foolscap pages of handwritten stream of consciousness.  I have been writing them now for two years and I wouldn’t stop. I really miss them when I wake up somewhere without the time or paper to write.

I discovered that this routine is a great way to add value to my day simply by tagging something new on until it becomes habit. The drinking of water and reading the Basic Principles are recent additions.  I noticed that I was getting dehydrated and forgetting to drink water during the day. To correct that, I made a glass of water before bed and on rising part of my routine.

My next add on is going to be meditating while lying on the floor in semi-supine.  I do this every few days at present but I’d like it to be part of every day.  Including it at the start in an existing routine seems best.  I’ve tried it a few times but I haven’t given myself the time yet.

One other change I want is to start getting up early.  I’m going to try this for the next week.  I’d like to get up about 7 every day. That means I need to be asleep by 11.30.  

Do you have a routine that you use? Is it a routine of choice? Do you try to alter your habits?


Please let me know what you do in the comments below.




One thought on “Add-ons and Changes to Morning Routines

  1. I have a morning routine but it’s not something I really think about. I don’t do it knowingly, it just happens.

    Wake between 5 and 6. Get up at 7. Pee, wash, dress, leave the house, eat apple on the way to work. Work starts at 8am and due to the nature of my job it’s very much a routine. Head out, come back, head out, come back, dinner, head out, come back, head out, come back, go home.

    I have a weekly routine that I stick to which includes writing, music, reading, meditation, group activities etc.

    I have issues actually making plans for a day as if they don’t go off as planned I start to take it out on myself.

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