The Solution Finder

I have loved Mindmapping since I was at Uni over a decade ago. I love the simplicity and the power of it. This post, however, is not about mindmapping. Rather it is about a formula called The Solution Finder. It’s from the book Grasp the Solution by Griffiths.  In this book, the author describes the main types of thinking from the accronym GRASP – Generative etc

My interest is primarily on the Solution Finder itself. I love meta-models that help me to piece everything together. We all know a lot of different ways to generate ideas but this conveniently helps to put them in a useful format.

This is a mindmap that I drew yesterday to help myself to understand the basics of the model.


When faced with a problem, something needing creative thought to come up with a soultion, there are four definite and discreet steps.

1) Define the problem.

Spend as much time as you can afford on really trying to understand what the problem is.  Understand it from all 5W+H (Who, What, Where, When, Why, How).

2) Generate ideas

This where traditional ‘brainstorming’ comes in.  At this point it is very important that no idea should be evaluated. The author shares four principles of good brainstorming.

  • a. Strive for Quantity over Quality
  • b. Value wild and unsual ideas
  • c. Postpone all judgement
  • d. Build on and combine ideas

There are several chapters on techniques for coming up with new ideas.

3) Evaluate 

In this phase we have 3S’s – Sort, Screen, Select

  • Sort ideas by combining them into groups based on similarties. Mindmapping them is a useful way to see what fits where.
  • Screen your ideas. You need a system here. The author suggests two simple ones to use.  You can highlight those that your head and your heart jump to. Also, you can assign a traffic light system for Good, Maybe, and No.
  • Select the Solution your’re going to work with. Ask yourself, will it achieve what you want; is it in line with your ulitmate goals?

4) Implement your Solution

Once you have chosen your solution you need to implement it.

Here we need to:

  • Set Goals
  • Develop an Action Plan
  • Follow Up

I set myself the task of writing about this because I want to use the Solution Finder over the coming days to tackle a few areas of my life.

There are ample links to follow from Chris’ website


One thought on “The Solution Finder

  1. Holy hell! I mindmap all the time! I have a draw FULL of scraps of paper cover in circles! Post-it notes and a wall are my new mindmaps!

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