The Graveyard Book

The last book I read that “bit and stung” me was The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

ImageI read it on kindle last week.  It was one of those books I had bought on the Kindle Daily Deal and stored away to be read sometime in the future. I had read only one of Neil Gaiman’s books before and that was the strange and beautiful Neverwhere.  But it didn’t bite me to continue reading like this one did.  The writing is precise and sharp. The story is quirky and intriguing.

Every chapter is an episode in the life of a young boy called Bod (short for Nobody) who grows up in a graveyard after the brutal murder of his entire family.  The characters, both living, dead and otherwise, are complex and intriguing.

I will read it again.

You should read it now.


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