To Sleep, To Dream

I have always loved dreaming. I got really into it when I started University. I kept a dream journal and I would arrive at college and share the details of that morning’s adventure with my friends. Over the years I have kept many dream journals. Sometimes they have simply been part of regular journals or diaries, sometimes reserved for dreams. One particular journal I had was gifted to me by a good friend, just for dream use. I need one of those again. Two mornings ago I started recording my dreams. They are still fuzzy but I know that within a few days the memories will be strong and vibrant.

Dreams are many things. They are a source of feedback about the state of our lives. Dreams are a mirror that show us how and who we are. Dreams are a source of inspiration for writing and poetry. Dreams are playgrounds where we can live out “the impossible”.

I own books by two authors whose work I greatly admire on dreaming. The first is Robert Moss whose book Conscious Dreaming woke me up to the possibilities of the dreamworld when I was at college. The second Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge. I want to work with dreams on a daily basis as a guide to my inner life.

The dream is a metaphor for life. When we’re asleep the world we inhabit and envision seems real. What’s to say that this world is not just a more elaborate dream?





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