Clutter Makes Me Go ‘Ick’

I can’t stand clutter.

It makes me go ‘ick’. I am often left shaking my head by the amount of ‘stuff’ that people clutter their lives with.

However, stuff is not all bad.

Have you ever seen Come Dine With Me? It’s a TV show where contestants host each other in their homes, and then are rated on the evening. At one point during the show the guests are free to wander about the home of their host, investigating the rooms and browsing through their “stuff”.

Stuff and clutter is the archaeology of someone’s life.

My life and my lifestyle are faily incompatible with clutter. I move around a lot. However, there is a kind of perverse joy in visiting someone’s house and seeing who they are, how they live through their posessions. I normally go straight for the bookshelves. You can tell a lot about a person and where their mind has been by the books they own.

Take a step back. Look at the space. This is someone else’s home. Someone else’s life. How do they live? Do they look busy? Do the pile of dishes tell you how quickly they ran out the door? Does the stack of magazines tell you about their daydreams?

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison.”

One person’s treasure is another’s clutter.

I hate clutter but I love people.

Clutter and stuff tells me more about my friends, about their minds and the contents of their hearts. As long as I don’t have to live in it, it can stay.


One thought on “Clutter Makes Me Go ‘Ick’

  1. sennoma says:

    I just love the sentence of “Stuff and clutter is the archeology of someone’s life.” I find it to be really powerful, and definitely true!

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